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Look At Extell's Next Midtown Tower, A 1,550-Foot-Tall Doozy

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Real estate chronicler Michael Gross caught wind of an emergency community board meeting tonight to consider Extell's design for 217 West 57th Street. With all the action on that thoroughfare, it gets hard to keep all the new developments straight. But remember that 88-story, 1,550-foot one, slated to be designed by the same architect as the Burj Khalifa, a.k.a. the world's tallest tower? Above, peruse the first renderings and schematic drawings of the skyscraper, which will include a ground-level Nordstrom, hotel, and condos above?they'll give you an idea why CB5's landmarks sub-committee is rushing to meet. The glassy design cantilevers over the uber-historic American Fine Arts Society building next door, and neighbors are worried about its height and general appropriateness. They're used to Extell's 57th Street projects, of course, but this time a landmark is involved.

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217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019