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Domed 14th Street Synagogue Wants To Convert, Asks $14M

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EV Grieve spotted yet another potential convert in the long line of religious properties that have given up on prayer and entered the atheistic, remunerative market: Tifereth Israel Town and Village Synagogue at 334 East 14th Street. Courtesy of Massay Knakal, the three-domed, 1860s-built structure is currently on the market for $13,950,000. Brokers recommend a residential or commercial makeover, with the existing space housing meeting rooms on the ground floor, a double-height sanctuary (with some pretty stained glass windows), and third-floor offices and classrooms. (Just please, don't make it look like this proposed monstrosity in Bushwick.)

Originally a Baptist church, 334 E. 14th spent stints as a Ukrainian Orthodox church?hence the onion domes?until it became a synagogue in 1962 for a congregation that has its roots in post-WWII practitioners in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village looking for a community. At that point, it lost a rooftop cross and added a third dome. The lot can legally hold about 25,000 buildable square feet, even though it's currently only 11,000 square feet.
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? Photo via Flickr/Green Map System