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$16.5 Million Trump Tower Sale Ties Building Record

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Trump Tower might be the classiest condo tower to ever be covered in gold and diamonds [citation needed] but it still hasn't had a unit break the $20 million mark. That could all change when the guy who bought up the entire 51st floor of the building parts with his ridiculous pad, but for now we've got high-profile restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's three combined apartments on the building's 38th floor, which just sold for $16.5 million to a buyer shielded by an LLC. (The broker says it's a record for the building, although Andrew Lloyd Weber's duplex sold for the same amount back in 2010.) Chodorow's apartment, which was once asking $18.8 million (but actually started at $16.4 million), is one of two in the condo tower to feature floor-to-ceiling glass. Chodorow spent $5.4 million on the three apartments in 2004 and took three years to combine them.

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Trump Tower

721 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY