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50 UN Plaza's $100M Penthouse Pool; Ode to Gowanus Canal

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MIDTOWN EAST/KIPS BAY?So this pretty mindboggling rendering of the penthouse pool atop Norman Foster's 43-story 50 UN Plaza surfaced today. From building reps come the deets: 14 bedrooms, 13 full bathrooms, two powder rooms, and a fireplace within the 15,597-square-foot interior, plus 1,500 square feet of outdoor space. The Post, which published the rendering this morning, says there's a "10,000-pound stainless-steel staircase leading to the infinity-edge pool." Developers Zeckendorf Development and Eyal Ofer's Global Holdings plan to ask an even $100 million. You can add this one to the not-so-exclusive-anymore blockbusters club. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

GOWANUS?Today it came to light just how very, very disgusting the water in the Gowanus Canal is. Nonetheless, Curbed reader Evan Reeves really, really wants to take a canoe tour of the Superfun(d) site and better understand the EPA's plans to clean it up. He entered our poem-writing contest for Open House NY passes?sorry, folks, we are no longer entertaining entries?and is allowing us to publish his handiwork.

The Gowanus Canal

With "anus" and "anal"
right in the title,
what's not to love
of this "butt-crack" non-tidal*?

Like a varicose vein
in Brooklyn's up-land
its stains still remain,
its shores still un-planned.

New diseases take flight
as bacteria festers –
and still this sore sight
proves ripe for investors.

Over land overgrown,
where lost ones did squat,
"creative types" now moan
sight of the first yacht.

How I long to canoe
down the banks of your stew -
to examine your mixture,
but see a fresh picture.

Not of years of neglect,
or pollution un-checked,
but of plans to re-dress
this irresponsible mess.

To find a dead porpoise,
would not cause me start,
but to find a re-purpose,
might help clear the fart.

And with EPA aid
this stream of great menace
might some time upgrade
to be: "just like Venice."

*The canal is tidal, but I meant "non-tidal" in the "stationary" sense. Hey, it's a poem?I can do what I want. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

50 United Nations Plaza

50 United Nations Plaza, Manhattan, NY 10017