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Hal Prince's Theatrical Townhouse Sells for $19.1 Million

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After listing it last July for $22 million, Broadway producer Hal Prince has finally found someone to take his East 74th Street townhouse off his hands, to the tune of $19.1 million, the Observer reports. Prince and his wife, Judith, bought the six-story, 7,375 square-foot mansion in 2009 for $12.5 million, and redecorated it within an inch of its life. Although it originally seemed like the house's highly personalized decor and complete lack of staging would deter buyers and result in big price reductions, that ended up not being the case. We don't yet know who the buyer is, but we're guessing that unless it's a clone that Hal Prince made of himself and then gave $19.1 million to, this place can probably bid a fond farewell to its zig-zagged bannisters, velvet wall-to-wall carpeting, and astroturf.

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