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Big Reveal: $479,000 For A Multi-Leveled 1BR In Kips Bay

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Unsurprisingly, no one cared for the triplex layout of this one-bedroom in Kips Bay, but that didn't negatively affect anyone's asking price guess?only two were lower than the $479,000 asking price. Guesses ranged from $450,000 to $650,000, with the closest coming MattUWS, who did some price per square foot math and came to $482,000. No one got it right. The unit is located at 160 East 26th Street, a 48-unit co-op that is filled with small, multi-leveled homes. There are currently four apartments available according to StreetEasy, one of which is another triplex, and the other two are duplexes.

· Listing: 160 East 26th Street, 5B [Douglas Elliman via StreetEasy]
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