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New Views, Details for KPF's Midtown Giant One Vanderbilt

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Late last year, developer SL Green tapped mega-firm Kohn Pedersen Fox to design an iconic skyscraper for Midtown East, and based on some new renderings spotted by NY YIMBY, it looks like One Vanderbilt is well on its way. Try to see around the blurriness?the images were pulled from a lengthy presentation delivered at the Center for Architecture this summer?and take away the following facts.

1) The tower, located just west of Grand Central on Vanderbilt Avenue between 42nd and 43rd streets, is going to be tall, likely approaching the 1,500-foot mark. Just look at its height in relation to the Chrysler and MetLife buildings. 2) The angular apex of the 1.55-million-square-foot skyscraper, a refreshing departure from typical tapered tops with antennae, is reminiscent of Hudson Yards' architecture, which makes sense given KPF's masterminding role over there. 3) KPF's James von Klemperer envisions it as a "Grand Central West," with lots of pedestrian access to the transit hub. The area's imminent rezoning will allow greater density and traffic to the neighborhood, and KPF's plan includes a large, open public space at the base.

At the moment, the crown of One Vanderbilt is meant to be accessible to the public. But when if the rezoning passes, NY YIMBY notes, the building could get even taller, and residential development would be allowed, which might get in the way of the best-laid plans for a public observatory. In short, what we see from these renderings may not be what actually gets built, but it's a taste of a major Midtown player on the horizon.
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