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Ogle a 375-Sq.-Ft. Hell's Kitchen Pad Turned Parisian Paradise

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When antiques dealer Cathy Lerebours moved into her 375-square-foot Hell's Kitchen studio 20 years ago, she somehow found space to cram two roommates amid a futon, Formica cabinets, milk-crate shelves, and linoleum floors. In 2000, when she became the sole tenant, Lerebours began to make it her own, filling it up with classy, rustic European furnishings and fixtures collected during her travels. The latest issue of New York Design Hunting, out this week, has all the details about the flat's transformation from a basic bedsit to a petite oasis with the vibe of Versailles. In the living room, a brass palm tree was procured at an auction, and the looks-like-marble checkerboard floor is actually wood Lerebours painted herself. Oh, and that glittery chandelier? It's collapsible.

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