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Exploring Miami's Public Art; A 110-Foot Murderous Pegasus

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) Around Town: The character Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, once said, "Why does anyone go to Miami? Ass...and the burgeoning arts scene." In the spirit of Jack's eternal words, we present the latest iteration of the Curbed Miami public art map. Do check it out.

2) Hallandale: Going from high art to high kitsch, Miami can now look forward to being the proud home of a 110-foot tall roadside sculpture of a Pegasus killing a dragon. It's something to truly be proud of.

3) South Beach: The commission of this year's tent entrance for Design Miami, the international design fair held during Art Basel every, has been announced. The design, a big pile of sand with a roof on top (seriously) is by young New York firm formless finder.

4) Miami Beach: A candidate for Mayor of Miami Beach has proposed the world's longest urban gondola ride to connect Miami Beach to downtown Miami. Despite serious practical issues, as a tourist attraction it would be incredible. As a functioning mass transit system, less so.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]