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Hoboken's The Artisan Gets Ready to Open Doors to Renters

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Welcome to State o' the Garden State, a new Curbed feature in which we explore the new developments under construction and newly for sale in Hoboken and Jersey City. Have a new development you'd like us to consider? Let us know via the tipline.

More New York City residents are leaving the five boroughs for points in New Jersey, with Hoboken being one of the most popular neighborhoods. And where NYC buyers and renters go, so do NYC developers. One such developer, Argo Real Estate, is about to begin leasing at The Artisan, a new two-building rental complex at 1400 Clinton Street and 1440 Grand Street in Hoboken. The buildings are Argo's first New Jersey project, and will include 59 rental units, retail space, a gallery, gym, "business bar," lounge, courtyard, and parking garage. Sounds a lot like a typical new development project in NYC?and the prices aren't much lower, either. One-bedrooms start in the range of $2,300/month, 2BRs around $3,100/month, and 3BRs around $4,400/month.

As for the commute, the building is near an express bus stop about a 15 minute ride from Manhattan. The Path train is a bit farther away, but the building is along the route of planned Path development.
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