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Boring 15 Central Park West Duplex Asks (Yawn) $62 Million

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For as much as 15 Central Park West is lauded by the real estate world and coveted by millionaires and billionaires everywhere, there is one thing that it seriously lacks: excitement. A 5,610-square-foot duplex in the building just hit the market for $62.5 million, and while there are no listing photos, the super dull floorplan and brokerba?sorry dozed off for a second. An eight-digit price tag does a thrill make. The Journal devotes many words to the place, which was owned, fittingly, by Richard Ullman, the man who founded the world's most boring company National Prescription Administrators. He died two years ago, and the Ullman Family Partnership is selling the unit. Ullman bought it in 2008 for $23.5 million.

The brokerbabble outlines little that sets this place apart from other units in the building, or the city for that matter. It's got a large living room, a private elevator entrance, French doors leading to the terrace, marble bathrooms, a library, and staff rooms. "Facing West, is a dining room with a separate wet-bar and pantry." Is the wet bar specially equipped for artisanal cocktail making? No? Boring! "The chef's kitchen has top-of-the-line appliances, three windows facing West, and opens into a spacious breakfast room/den." Does the chef's kitchen come with a sushi-making robot? Does the breakfast room have a Jetsons-like machine that shoots out freshly made eggs? No? Boring!

The only thing that could possibly add some pizzazz to the place is the curved staircase, but there are no photos to prove that, so we can only assume that it's white, marble, and boring. More slides, waterfalls, and basketball courts, please, before we fall asleep over here.

UPDATE: Commenters pointed out that this is the same duplex that was marketed back in 2009. Just a few months after Ulman bought it, he tried to flip it for $75 million. He never succeeded, and now here we are.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023