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Inside Michael Hirtenstein's Combo Triplex at One York

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Michael Hirtenstein?telecom mogul and real estate enthusiast?knew he had to have a massive apartment in One York the moment he saw a billboard for the Enrique Norten-designed building that highlighted the potential for terraces and pools. (See, advertising works!) Hirtenstein spent $16.5 million for five units, a very good deal, and then sunk an unknown amount of money into combining them. He did so with the assistance of designer Thomas Juul-Hansen and decorator Amy Lau, who show off their handiwork in the November issue of Architectural Digest. Hirtenstein sounds like?no surprise here?something of a demanding client. When he discovered that a structural column supporting multiple floors of the building sat right in the middle of his living room (above), he ordered his designers to take it down. And so they did!

The triplex contains 8,600 square feet of indoor space and another 5,500 square feet outdoors, and Juul-Hansen created the floorplan, which "comprises a series of intimate rooms radiating off the lofty living area."

The photos are certainly an appealing advertisement for Juul-Hansen?who has a new pair of buildings in the works alongside the High Line and has been commissioned for the redesign of another One York apartment. All the AD coverage has us wondering whether Hirtenstein is getting ready to put his place on the market, too.
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One York

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