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Will This Terraced Rental Beautify the Slope's Fourth Avenue?

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Developers Silverstone Property Group and Adam America Real Estate spent $14.8 million for a lot at the corner of Fourth Avenue and First Street earlier this year. Now we know exactly what's going to house the 75-rental building displacing the McDonald's that currently occupies the spot along this notably ugly thoroughfare. So bad is Fourth Avenue's rep, in fact, that developers plan on eventually giving the project a First Street address to avoid the negative connotations. Via Adam America's website, we learn that the new development at 275 Fourth Avenue will house "high-end" units, a part-time doorman, tenant lounge, private gym, roof deck, and personal storage space. The setbacks at the top of the building allow for many terraces. The ground floor will have 6,000 square feet of retail, and we have ODA Architecture to thank for the design. Question: how much will this building do to improve the "canyon of mediocrity" that is Fourth Avenue?
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