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Video Interlude

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Making the social media rounds?and earning mostly raves?is the Times' latest op-doc on the history, culture, and all the everyday highs (get it?) and lows of living in tall buildings. The heart of the package is a four-part video series that takes much of its source material from the Grey Lady's "morgue" a.k.a. totally awesome archive of old photos, and each segment of the mini-films has a drop-down menu with more visual, audio, and interactive extras. From the Dakota and tenements to NYCHA and glassy skyscrapers o' condos, New York City (not to mention pretty much every city) has had a complex relationship with lofty structures that the project does its best to unpack. Don't forget to take a look at the final installment, which is centered on reader-submitted snaps and true tales of high-rise living, past and present. [NYT]