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Architect Wants Minetta Lane Salad House to Be 3D Printed

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Architect Adam Kushner purchased 16 Minetta Lane?the well-known "salad house" that once belonged to event designer Robert Isabell?in December 2012 (a purchase that was later "fictionalized," as Kushner puts it, for an appearance on Million Dollar Listing New York). He moved his family in a few days later, but the house wasn't exactly in a move-in-ready state. In fact, 10 months later, after getting all the necessary city approvals and permits, Kushner is only just beginning to realize his vision for the property. 16 Minetta was open to the public this weekend for Open House New York, so we stopped by to hear about Kushner's plans.

Before the property belonged to Isabell, it was an eight-family tenement?fireplaces from some of the individual apartments are still visible in the rooms?and long before the tenement was built, Minetta Brook ran through the property. On a quiet night, Kushner says, "I will swear I can hear water running." And his plans for the house were inspired by the brook and by his observations of the hollows of trees. The goal, he told the attendees at his OHNY tour, was to create a "chaotic?yet nurturing" space. The main facade will be pulled away from the front, the third floor will be open (the house has no other outdoor space), and the home will contain a waterfall and climbing wall right over the location of Minetta Brook.
Kushner's big ideas extend beyond the inspiration he found in nature. He also hopes that 16 Minetta will become the first 3D printed house in New York City, he says?though it's likely that the building's superstructure will be traditionally constructed and only interior, non-structural elements will be printed. 3D-printing a room requires massive equipment, and the logistics of bringing that equipment to Minetta Lane still need to be figured out. The project, Kushner jokes, should take "approximately four to 20 years." A more realistic estimate is about four years, he says, and the family will live in the building's carriage house until the renovation is completed.

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