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Interior Designer Can't Believe Her Luck with Brooklyn Pad

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In 2009, searching Prospect Heights for a three-bedroom apartment, interior designer Teri Brajewksi of TWB Design and Interior Provisions, did not find herself with a huge number of options. When she came across this 3BR/1.5BA apartment, featuring a host of original Victorian-era details, in an eight-unit 1920 co-op building on Dean Street she was beyond thrilled. Brajewski and her family moved in after a three-month renovation in which she gutted both bathrooms, replacing the 1980s mirrors and grim, gray tiling, renovated the kitchen, and repainted, but didn't change much else. The original parquet floors required some restoration, but the rest of it—the window trim, the fretwork in the living room, the wood fireplace mantle, etc.—was incredibly well-preserved. Located on the ground floor, the apartment is one of two in the building with private outdoor space, and Brajewski describes the space as feeling like a house instead of an apartment—but without all the hassle of owning a brownstone.

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