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Inside an Upper West Side Architect's Classy, Unique Pad

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Architect Brad Zizmor (unclear if he's related to you-know-who) of a+i design designed his apartment for his wife and eight-year-old son in a prewar building on West 82nd Street.

Zizmor bought the apartment in 2005 from the building's co-op board (the super previously occupied it) and immediately started renovating. With his firm's design ethos of "high/low" (wherein "inexpensive materials are used in innovative ways") in mind, Zizmor set about transforming a mediocre 1,000-square-foot, first-floor apartment into a truly gorgeous space. Completely bedecked in dark hardwoods, Zizmor has seamlessly interspersed the common with the sophisticated, with Ikea furniture sitting beside sleek, expensive Cherner chairs.

In the apartment, everything fits together perfectly, and the most minute details are a joy to look at, whether its the carved railing on the staircase or the curved tiling in the bathroom. Outside, a 1,000-square-foot garden and patio augments the inside, and huge, sliding glass doors add a layer of depth with their reflective qualities. Even the fire exit—a meandering path of rocks and plantings running along the back of the patio—is an aesthetic marvel.
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