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This Savvy 375-Square-Foot Studio Has A Place For Everything

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Architect and designer Suchi Reddy has called this former dentist's office home for five years. She and her firm, Reddymade Design, renovated the 375-square-foot studio over eight months, making the most of every possible (square) inch. In this ground-floor unit on lower Fifth Avenue facing the leafy grounds of the First Presbyterian Church, the bookshelves by the couch are recessed; there's inconspicuous storage along almost every wall; and the dining table can be lifted to the ceiling via four simple cords to create more floor space for parties. The fridge is, literally, a drawer?it, the TV, and Reddy's liquor stash are all neatly stowed away in the island... which also serves as a full kitchen as well as a divider between the bedroom/bathroom and living room. From the vantage point of the Reddy's shower, tucked into the back of the apartment, you can see the whole apartment?over her bed, through the kitchen and seating area and into the street. Of course, there are two shades that can be drawn for privacy and/or room separation.

Reddy opened her home to the masses as part of Open House New York; and she's doing it again today from 2 to 6 p.m. Visitors' reactions on Saturday ranged from "Oh my god, I want to live here" to "It's very functional." The most people Reddy has packed into her neat abode? Around 65, during a cocktail party. Living in a small space has forced her "to be quite realistic about throwing out the things you don't use. It's a zen practice."

Here now, a cool, artsy and kinda trippy video, "Machine for Life," showing how to make the most of Reddy's apartment. (Enjoy the ethno-synth soundtrack!)

Lastly, here are some professional photos of the smartly designed studio.

[Photos via Reddymade Design.]

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