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What If My Apartment Isn't Ready By The Move-In Date?

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It's another installment of Ask Curbed, the feature in which you both ask?and, in the comments, answer!?each others' questions. Got a question of your own? Send it along to

This time, it's the concerned parent of a newly minted college grad who writes Curbed about her daughter's real estate conundrum. Her daughter, along with two roommates, signed a lease for a so-called "new construction" apartment in Astoria, with a move-in date of October 1. But the landlord's oversight of the renovations was apparently not the best, and the delays "got out of hand." On October 10, there was still no move-in date in sight.

We are told now that apartment is completed and they are just waiting for weather to clear so concrete can be poured that goes all along the front & entrance of building. Landlord said it will be at least another week due to rainy days. ... What constitutes "reasonable" time to make an apartment available if past the agreed move in date? Does landlord have any obligation to reimburse for any of the inconvenience & cost the delay has caused after the move in date?

Had the young tenant known about all these delays in advance, she would have rented another place day-to-day, but because the news came on the lease date she's been sleeping on couches in the interim, with some of her stuff stored in a garage the landlord owns. All right, Curbediverse, should they ask for some compensation?and, if so, how and how much?
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