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Behind The Scenes Of Brooklyn Bridge Park's Newest Section

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By the end of the year, visitors to Brooklyn Bridge Park will finally be able to walk from Pier 1 at Old Fulton Street all the way to Pier 6 at Atlantic Avenue without detouring onto Furman Street or using an unsightly interim walkway. The park's missing green link, the Pier 3 and 4 uplands, will open to the public in the next few months, and during Open House New York, Curbed got a behind-the-scenes look at the current state of construction. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates designed the six-acre uplands (and the rest of the park), which will add new pedestrian and cyclist paths, new lawns and landscaping, a pebble beach and bird habitat, and a 30-foot-tall hill that blocks noise from the BQE. There's also a granite terrace that looks out over the water and Pier 2, where five acres of sports courts and a waterfront promenade will open in the spring.

Brooklyn Bridge Park recently issued a Request for Proposals for an operator for Pier 2's skating rink, as well as a 186-slip marina at Pier 5. The park also recently revealed plans for the rest of Pier 6, which includes the Bjarke Ingels Group's "humungous Tostito," but it's unclear when construction will start because there's not yet enough money to build it.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201