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Will a Makeover Help the $39M Waterfall Mansion Find a Buyer?

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The Waterfall Mansion made a grand re-entry onto the market last week, and now another round of marketing efforts has hit the books. They include a large crop of new photos?with funky, artsy rooms decorated by designer Inson Wood?as well as a reinvigorated Facebook page (yes, townhouses can have them, too), and even a mobile app, touted as "the world's first 3D property app." The six-story home of boutique developer Kate Shin, known for housing the biggest indoor waterfall in New York City (23' x 20'), an expansive art gallery space, a sculpture garden, and other outdoor spaces, 170 East 80th Street has been through broker switches and PriceChops galore, but this new team seems to be pulling out all the stops to get the full ask of $39 million. Do we like its new trappings better than these interiors? Or remember these? And, more importantly, will anyone take the bait?

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170 East 80th Street

170 East 80th Street, New York, NY