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From Trash To Pleasure

Designer and filmmaker James Bowthorpe wants build a boat out of Manhattan's garbage and then sail it to the source of the Hudson River in the Adirondacks. He also wants to make a full-length movie about the whole thing. He pulled a similar stunt on London's Thames, and it turns out tons of discarded material can get repurposed into a bouyant vessel. "It was amazing how much stuff there is out there that you can just turn into a fully-fledged boat, so the boat kind of reflected the city, and I think the same will happen here," he says, rifling through a green dumpster. "I'd really like to find some sheet aluminum. I've seen some drywall... Oh look, here's a load of fiberglass." Let's just hope his trash-made craft doesn't meet the same fate as the first Harvest Dome. [Animal; official]