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Gowanus Whole Foods Keeps Rising, Gains Rooftop Beer Bar

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The gentrification icon long-awaited Gowanus Whole Foods is no longer a mere skeleton hugging the Gowanus Canal and the sad, dilapidated, landmarked Coignet Building. It is now, officially, an actual building on that, well, still hugs the canal and the Coignet. Some construction photos from over the weekend show signage announcing its opening for "late 2013," which, according to Real Estate Weekly, means December, not by Thanksgiving as previous rumormongering suggested. Big news for its rooftop, too: in addition to the 20,000-square-foot farm with locally grown veggies like, of course, kale, there will also be a beer bar and restaurant called The Roof. Announced over the weekend, the new venue will have 16 beers on tap, plus seating on a rooftop deck with "a hyperlocal food menu" that includes cheeses, burgers, vegetarian, and vegan options. (Eater NY has a few more details.) UPDATE: Pardon Me For Asking has more photos of the rooftop construction, plus a progress update on the store's public outdoor space. We'll take back the strikethrough we had put through the words "gentrification icon" now. The shoe fits.

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