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Peer Into Perry Street's Hidden, Quirky Backhouse and Yard

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Up to his usual film-scouting shenanigans, Scouting NY's Nick Carr turned his attention to the West Village this time, uncovering a pretty courtyard and quaint backhouse obscured behind the facade of 93 Perry Street. Among the unusual things he noticed: the side door to the second-floor apartment above the entrance archway; the tangle of fire escapes and arched French windows on the backhouse; the fact that a wooden staircase that climbs the back corner of the street-facing building has survived for 90 years. 93 Perry has a curious history, including some Halloween-appropriate tales from horror author H.P. Lovecraft, who paid the building a visit and later alluded to it in his writing as such: "The archaic lanes and houses and unexpected bits of square and court had indeed delighted me." Scouting NY has more interesting tidbits and lots more images; in the meantime, scroll through a few pictures.

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