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Groundbreaking For New Pier 17; Sky High Luxury Exhibit

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SEAPORT?A few holdout tenants tried to stop it from happening, but the day has come. Tomorrow, the Howard Hughes Corporation will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for Pier 17 to turn the retail and restaurant complex into a newer, shinier retail and restaurant complex. It's unclear if any actual construction or demolition will be happening (no one responded to our request for more information), but new renderings will be revealed, so check back tomorrow to see the latest iteration of the SHoP-designed pier. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MANHATTAN?The Skyscraper Museum's newest exhibition looks at the recent ego-boosting contest trend of developers erecting super tall, super skinny luxury condo towers in Manhattan. The show features the buildings along 57th Street, as well as downtown projects like 56 Leonard. It breaks down the special engineering that makes these types of towers possible while also examining "the 'invisible Monopoly game' of assembling contiguous lots and piling up air rights, the options for optimizing floor plans and ceiling heights, and the simulation of views and lifestyles of the future domiciles." It's on view through April 19, 2014. [Skyscraper Museum]

Pier 17

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