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Construction Begins On State Street's Neo-Georgian Houses

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Brownstoner reports that foundation work is underway at 345-353 State Street where seven new townhouses are being built. These are not to be confused with the nearly complete 9 Townhouses, located at 301-309 State Street, or the already complete 14 Townhouses at 267-287 State Street. It's a busy street. The plans for the houses at 345-353 were actually introduced way back in 2009. Back then, there were only six, they were going to sell for $3.5M to $4M, and the rendering showed more modern facades. Plans were dusted off in 2011, and earlier this year, they were finally approved. There are now seven houses; three will be single-family and four will have two units.

The most recent permits filed list Steven F. Levine, along with Scarano Architect LLC, as the architects on the project. It's unclear who created the rendering showing the Neo Georgian facades, but Brownstoner saw it on a sign at the site. Older renderings from Durukan Design show more modern interiors. The developer is the vaguely named State Renaissance Townhomes, and DOB filings show the owner as Hesky Brahimy, who is a partner at IBEC Living.
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