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On Average, A 'Cheap' Harlem Townhouse Is Still $1 Million

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Adding to the third quarter sales statistics bonanza, brokerage Harlem Lofts released its quarterly assessment of northern Manhattan's townhouse and high-end condo markets. The general conclusion? For an area known for its relative affordability, Harlem's offerings aren't selling for that cheap. Have a gander at the townhouse data above (and if you're unsure which zip codes are where, see the map after the jump). Note that even in 10030, or Central Harlem near the border with Hamilton Heights and Sugar Hill, the average townhouse price is nearly $1 million. Warning: these figures take into account residential townhouse purchases of between 2,500 and 5,500 square feet, so they do not include outlier-type deals like actor Neil Patrick Harris's record-setting $3.6 million Harlem buy. Factoring in his four-story, 9,600-square-foot house on Fifth Avenue would skew the numbers even higher. Some reprieve: if it's a condo you're after, the average prices for sales in Q3 across Harlem neighborhoods kept them squarely in the six-digit club.

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