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North Brooklyn Will No Longer Be 'An Ice Rink Desert'

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The McCarren Pool, North Brooklyn's hotspot for lifeguard-punching kids and brawls summer fun, will soon get a new wintery life as an outdoor ice skating rink. The rink, which was always part of the park's $50 million renovation plans, will open November 15 with Open Space Alliance as the operator. The Alliance's executive director told the Times the area is "an ice rink desert," but now, thankfully, they will have a 7,200-square-foot icy oasis in McCarren Park.

The rink will be located on the pool's "beach," i.e. the 60-foot by 120-foot concrete peninsula that juts out into the pool. Even though it's not that large, it can accommodate 300 skaters. It's not big enough for hockey games, but figure skating, hockey, and curling classes will be offered. It will be open seven days a week through January, and there will be a weekend holiday market running from after Thanksgiving until Christmas. Additionally, a concession stand at the rink will be operated by Josh Cohen, owner of Anella and Jimmy's Diner in North Brooklyn, and Tyler Kord of No. 7 Sub.
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