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Last Sliver of Huguette Clark Estate Sells for $6.8 Million

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With the fight over Huguette Clark's $300 million estate settled, the last remnant of the reclusive heiress's massive apartment collection, #8E in 907 Fifth Avenue, has sold for $6.8 million after originally being listed last year for $12 million. Originally offered alongside her other 8th-floor apartment (#8W) in the building, the two were split up after the board nixed a sale that would have seen the Prime Minister of Qatar combine the two into one huge apartment. (Clark's third unit in the building, 14 rooms on the 12th floor, sold for $25.5 million last year.) #8W also sold last year, for $22.5 million, absorbing part of #8E in the process. #8E was subsequently listed for $7.2 million, and, after a couple pricechops, has finally found a buyer.

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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021