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Float By (Almost) All the Building Facades in North Brooklyn

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Paris-based architect and photographer Delphine Monnier traversed Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street in Greenpoint, plus Williamsburgian main drag Bedford Avenue, shooting basically every building. She then stitched together the images into a?brace?15-minute video reel, so that it's as if you're on a people-mover down the block, watching the facades float by. To the tune of rap, some oldies, and, radio snippets, of course. As Free Williamsburg notes, it's an homage to artist Ed Ruscha's 1966 project, "Every Building on the Sunset Strip," which is a foldable 25-foot long depiction of its title. See how many Rite Aids and Duane Reades you can spot, and by contrast the number of small businesses and bodegas. There are so many smaller buildings, and the occasional newer, glassier, boxier project. Then there are those empty lots with plywood fences or construction sites shrouded in scaffolding?a harbinger of ever more changes ahead to the physical face of these fast-evolving neighborhoods.
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