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New Net Paul Pierce Rents $35K Apartment in Tribeca

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After a decade and a half of making life miserable for Knicks fans, NBA star Paul Pierce is a Manhattan resident. The former Boston Celtics forward, who was traded to the Brooklyn Nets this summer, rented a 5,000-square-foot 14th-floor pad in Tribeca's 90 Franklin Street (which means he's now neighbors with "pop chanteuse" Mariah Carey) for $35,000/month. Pierce has no intention of making nice with his new borough's team. "This is a city battle," he told reporters this summer. "We're going to divide the city now. Before this was a Knicks town, but now that I'm here we're going to call it, 'Nets Village.'" It's okay, he'll figure out the neighborhoods soon enough.

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