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New Development Market Reports; Brooklyn Furniture Fair

MANHATTAN?The median price-per-square foot for new developments in Manhattan jumped 15 percent during the year's third quarter, according to the MNS market report. A 3.34 percent drop in inventory likely boosted the price increase, which has been the greatest in Midtown West and Chelsea. Over the last two years, those neighborhoods saw the price PSF increase by 22 and 42 percent respectively. Brooklyn also saw the price of new developments rise, with the median price per square foot increasing 12 precent and the media sale price rising 7.9 percent. [CurbedWire Inbox; full reports]

SUNSET PARK?Industry City is giving New Yorkers reason to trek to Sunset Park's waterfront. This weekend marks the start of an exhibit commemorating the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy with the work of 300 artists, plus the start of a maker's market at Factory Floor, a gathering of 40 different Brooklyn furniture and home decor designers. The art show, titled Come Together: Surviving Sandy, runs through December 15, and the furniture fair will take place this weekend and next. [CurbedWire Inbox]