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Imagine a Seven-Story Condo at 14th Street and Avenue A

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Eight lots in the East Village changed hands in late 2012, with developer Gary Barnett of Extell renting them from Sol Goldman for $35.14 million in a 99-year lease. Knowing Extell?and given that the retail tenants on 14th Street at Avenue A have already cleared out?we can expect big changes. EV Grieve just spotted a conceptual rendering for a possible 500 East 14th Street in a retail listing for the ground and lower floor spaces. Take a look above.
The retail space available consists of 24,710 square feet on the ground floor and another 14,600 square feet on the lower level. The ground floor and lower levels of what? A new seven-story retail and residential developer, says the listing. The lease promises possession for the tenant in the first quarter of 2016. Anyone have a rendering or other intel that tends more toward the real and less toward the conceptual? Please share with the tipline.
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