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Another Bland, Boxy Rental Building Is Rising In Crown Heights

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Crown Heights is becoming quite familiar with the plague of less-than-pretty, box-like apartment building. Long-in-the-works 341 Eastern Parkway is nearing completion, 500 Sterling Place is rapidly rising, and now 505 St. Marks Avenue has joined the unattractive club. Brownstoner spotted the above rendering by Isaac and Stern Architects on the construction site, which is cleared and ready for construction. Located between Classon and Franklin Avenues, the property changed hands in December 2011, and the former garage was demolished. The new building will be entirely residential, holding 128 rentals in 99,821-square-feet.

Brownstoner notes that there's currently a Stop Work Order on the site that says "job not vested" and that the foundation work has not started. The inspection happened after the Crown Heights West rezoning, so the developer may be required to shrink the building to meet the new zoning regulations.
· Rendering, Change of Plans for Rental at 505 St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights [Brownstoner]