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Turreted Castle on Central Park Finally Sells for $17.5 Million

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A legitimate castle across the street from Central Park isn't the easiest property to come by. Still, this 1888 turreted Renaissance Revival-style mansion at 249 Central Park West had a terribly difficult time finding a buyer after it was put on the market two years ago for $30 million. The owner had hoped to more than double his money after paying $14.4 million for the castle in 2006, but, having done no renovations, he was forced to abandon that dream, as well as the dream of adding a basement basketball court, and then the subsequent dream of getting someone to pay $25 million, and the dream after that, and the one after that...

At long last, though, a sale is on the books, as someone has, according to city records, paid $17.5 million for the 10,014-square-foot home. That someone is the cleverly named 249 CENTRAL PARK WEST LLC, which means that, more likely than not, this place is about to receive the renovation it has so desperately needed and get put back on the market, again striving for sale price north of $25 million. So, we'll say goodbye to the Central Park West castle ... for now.

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249 Central Park West

249 Central Park West, New York, NY