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New Renderings, More Details About Planned First Avenue Park

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Amidst all of their plans for luxury condos and rental towers, JDS Development Group is also planning a privately owned public park. Located at 626 First Avenue, the 38,000-square-foot open space will be between the pair of towers planned for the property formerly known as the First Avenue mud pit. DNAinfo unearthed some more details and new (but crappy quality) renderings of the SCAPE-designed green space, which will incorporate flood protections and salt-tolerant plantings. An interactive fountain will center the park, where zigzagging limestone and granite paths guide visitors through the space.

JDS shared the plans with the local community board this week, and the developer hopes to submit the proposal to City Planning by January 2014 so the park is created on the same timeline as the towers.

DNAinfo has a few more photos of the rendering presentation, and we reached out to the designers for more info and better images, so we'll update if we hear back. UPDATE: PR reps sent along quality renderings. Enjoy!
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