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Details Revealed on Michael Shvo's New Tenth Avenue Project

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Real estate legend Michael Shvo recently announced his return as not just a broker anymore?he's a developer of 239 Tenth Avenue, a new condo done in partnership with Victor Homes on the site of a former gas station. Today Shvo is the subject of the Times' 30-minute interview, and in addition to some clarifications on what he's like to work with?"there are really two types of people: the people that can work with me, and the people that, I guess, could say I'm difficult"?he reveals some new details about 239 Tenth. Here we Shvo:

The building will be between 11 and 12 stories, due to the zoning of the High Line district. The building will be a collection of residences that will be uniquely designed, probably 12 to 15 apartments. We're talking about larger units — two-bedrooms to four-bedrooms. But it's not really about how many bedrooms; it's about how much space. And it's a building that's really going to be designed for people who are art collectors — from the actual systems that'll be in the building to ways of getting art in the building, climate controls, the window system, the security system, hanging systems, weight of the floor. Shvo tells the Times the building team is "very close" to choosing an architect. The building will also have about 8,000 square feet of retail space in total (at ground floor and below grade). Shvo also hints at two more projects, a 300,000-square-foot development in Soho that he's doing with the Keystone Group and two more unidentified projects in Midtown. Time to dust off those taglines.
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