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StreetEasy 2.0: After Zillow Buy, Expansion Halted, New Leader

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When national listings giant Zillow paid $50 million late this summer for popular NYC listings site StreetEasy, StreetEasy CEO Michael Smith said the site would "continue to operate as usual." But changes are afoot. Not only did StreetEasy unveil a new layout this week (one that StreetEasy insiders tell us has been in the works since before the Zillow purchase), but we hear that StreetEasy's plans for expansion into markets like D.C. and Miami have been curtailed. Contacted by Curbed, a Zillow rep told us, "We've realigned StreetEasy to focus entirely on New York City, where the company has the strongest brand and deepest local knowledge." Alrighty. As for who's running the site on a daily basis, Curbed hears it's no longer StreetEasy cofounder Michael Smith but rather Susan Daimler, whose site Buyfolio was acquired by Zillow last year, who serves as the general manager of Zillow New York. Those who know more about what's going down inside StreetEasy, whisper our way.
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