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Developers Pressure Garodnick on Midtown East Rezone

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City Council member (and speaker candidate) Dan Garodnick has become a target of developers hoping to pressure him into supporting the plan to rezone Midtown East.

On Friday, Richard Anderson (president of the New York Building Congress) and Howard Rothschild (president of the Reality Advisory Board on Labor Relations) sent Garodnick—whose district encompasses the 73-blocks that would be rezoned—a letter urging him to throw his weight behind the proposal, citing the creation of thousands of new jobs and a boon to construction in the area.

Garodnick has hesitated to unequivocally endorse the controversial plans, citing certain questions about "the pricing of air rights, the plan for infrastructure and public realm improvements, and whether all of the density should be added as-of-right, or with further community input." Since the the rezone lies in his district and he is expected to run for City Council speaker as Christine Quinn's successor, Garodnick is seen as an integral key to the plan's passage.
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