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Inside Designer Howard Slatkin's Over-the-Top Apartment

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Satisfying all possible appetites for Fifth Avenue design porn is designer Howard Slatkin. Known for florals, chintz, and a general over-the-top-ness that fits right in on the Upper East Side, Slatkin has just released at 240-page book all about the design of his own apartment. Slatkin was inspired to create the book, Curbed National explains, by shelter magazines, which focus on the main living areas of a home and ignore spaces like the elevator vestibules and pantries. Slatkin wished, by contrast, to reveal all. A few of the fun features revealed in Slatkin's photographs: a 19th-century steel dog bed in the master suite, as well a Louis XVI canapé hand-quilted in emerald silk velvet. The guest suite is decorated with 18th-century Chinese wallpaper.

Click through to Curbed National for a few more detail shots.

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