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'Burg Cycle Trendsetters; Whole Foods Robbed; B-Words; More!

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up...

1) Downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights: Sephora's first Brooklyn store opens on November 1, and skincare brand Kiehl's has secured a spot for its own foray into the borough: the corner of Montague and Henry streets. The boutique will open after Christmas.

2) Herald Square: Rumor has it that the Urban Outfitters in the slowly revitalizing area will have a cafe and a salon. The Williamsburg branch's liquor license application was shot down, though, so if that's any indication, don't expect alcohol. Sidenote: there are a ton of Urban Outfitters opening in the city, so here's a map.

3) Lower East Side A scary robbery at the Whole Foods on Houston Street left it $26,000 poorer. In other grocery store news, Westside market is opening a?gasp?East Side branch.

4) Williamsburg: Know about all the trendy cycling studios flocking to the 'Burg? Well, SyncStudio was first, and here's the backstory.

5) Upper East Side: DKNY's new ad campaign includes a giant poster of British pop singer Rita Ora with a slogan that includes the phrase "bad b*tch." Stay classy, UES.
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