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Historic East Village House Swaps Brokers, Lowers Price

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When this 1861 James Renwick-designed townhouse first hit the market back in March, the general reaction was that it has the potential to be, as one commenter said, "absolutely fucking spectacular," but it needs work and was not worth the $6.7 million price tag. Well, it seems that the seller wised up. The house, located at 27 Stuyvesant Street in the St. Mark's Historic District, has been relisted by Sotheby's, and the new broker took the time to stage the house and chopped the price down to $5.25 million. The staging helps to hide the hideous carpeted floors and show what one could do with the indoor balconies, but there is obviously work to be done. That said, the wood-burning fireplace, solarium, and 18-foot wall of windows are still nice features. Will the seller have better luck this time?

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