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Neighborhood Gender Gaps; 540West's 114 Enigmatic Condos

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ALL OVER?Rental listings website Zumper has jimmied its data into another infographic, this one showing where men and women moved this summer. Ladies opted for neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, Brooklyn Heights, and Hell's Kitchen, while gents preferred Long Island City, Murray Hill, and the Village. Interpretations of these preferences? Do they match up with reality? Ready, set, go. [CurbedWire; previously]

HELL'S KITCHEN?Last night, there was a party feting a new development on the western West Side called 540West. One hitch: We'd never heard of it before, but in light of some other mega-towers rising on Eleventh Avenue, we're not surprised. Here's what we know: the residential project at 540 West 49th Street is jointly developed by Fortis Property Group and Wonder Works Construction Corp.; it'll contain 114 condos in two interconnected seven-story buildings; and the units range in size "from studios to penthouses." At the event last night, sales reps apparently "fielded questions about 540West renderings and floor plans," but we haven't been privy to actual copies of those materials. Yet occupancy is set to occur in the fall of 2014. Those with intel, please do share. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI/BATTERY PARK CITY?Tomorrow at 11 a.m., the underground passageway between the World Trade Center site's PATH station, the Brookfield Place mall/office complex (formerly known as the World Financial Center), and the New York Waterway Ferry Terminal opens to the public. Clunkily Officially dubbed the World Trade Center West Concourse, it marks the first time these three spots have been connected in a subterranean fashion since September 11. Cheers for another way to cross West Street without fear of getting hit by a car! Brookfield Place's somewhat controversial glass pavilion (pictured above) will also open tomorrow, and it has escalators that lead down to the walkway. [CurbedWire Inbox; DNAinfo]