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50 United Nations Plaza Reveals Pricing at Official Launch

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Event: The official First Viewing of 50 United Nations Plaza, held at the building's 866 UN Plaza sales office.
In the house: Brokers, brokers, and more brokers. Or so we think based on all the suits.
Dress code: Midtown-y business wear.
Menu: Standard hors d'oeuvres (we spotted miniature hot dogs, smoked salmon, and similar fare making the rounds) and drinks. We were too overwhelmed by claustrophobia to sample much of it, however.
Overheard: Much excited chatter about the market. Brokers are certainly feeling optimistic about the pace of sales these days.
The sales office is set up to show a few model rooms?living room, dining room, kitchen, master bathroom, second bathroom?with images of the views on the walls. (Because the event was so crowded, most of the images in the gallery above are of those renderings and the amenities renderings and model scattered throughout the space.) The decor itself didn't make much of an impression on us, but there were also too many suits in the space for us to get a clear sense of it. In the finished building, the interiors will include many custom features by building architect Foster + Partners.

The major takeaway from the event, of course, was the price list for some of the 88 units. There's the epic $100 million penthouse?and it makes the prices for the rest of the units seem like bargains. The price sheet includes two D-line 1BRs, asking $2.211 million on the sixth floor and $2.57 million on the 14th. The 2BRs range in price from $2.57 million to $4.635 million. The 3BRs begin at $6.855 million and go up to $10.2 million. The sales sheet also lists one seven-bedroom penthouse asking $22.25 million.

The building includes a private motor court and garden, and the garage has exactly one parking space for each unit, for which residents are invited to pay an extra $150,000. (They are also invited to pay for storage space and wine cellars.)

Here are a few floorplans:

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50 UN Plaza

50 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY

50 United Nations Plaza

50 United Nations Plaza, Manhattan, NY 10017