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"Unfortunately, their gut renovation was not a particularly good one. I, for one, was unaware that wall-to-wall carpeting was popular in the mid-19th century. The renovation is very true to its era, by which I mean the Clinton era. There's lots of wasted space here--that kitchen, for one. There's no powder room on the level with the main living room. And I'm not sure who had the brilliant idea to put an exercise room above the bedroom--hope there's lots of insulation! Plus the garden is microscopic. In general, I don't want to see a five-level house without an elevator--you're either not going to use the square footage on the top floor, or you will be hiking up and down far too many stairs. So I think the $1,500psf ask is still a bit high. Nice facade and roof, though."?anon [Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Gets $1.75M Chopped Off Price]