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Notel For You

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Fear of getting subpoenaed, taxed, fined, and evicted have, unsurprisingly, made the city's creative professionals?who rent out their apartments on Airbnb and other sites to make ends meet?reconsider the risks of their supplementary income. The access to easy money was great, and Airbnb is fighting on their side, but no one wants to risk legal action... even if they are only renting out rooms occasionally and not running veritable, very illegal mini-hotels. "I've grown increasingly uncomfortable doing this," a "visual creative" in brownstone Brooklyn who rents his apartment for $200/night told New York magazine. "There's been so much heat in the press. And I could only say to my nosy neighbor so many times, 'Oh, they're just an old French couple I happen to be very close to.'" [Intelligencer; previously]