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540West's Formerly Mysterious Condos, Amenities Unveiled

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Despite the initial enigma posed by the 114-condo development at 540 West 49th Street, our cries for help have been heard and renderings have been procured. Turns out there's actually a teaser site and a Facebook page chock full o' visuals for the once-under-the-radar project. Twin towers, seven stories each, will span the block from 48th to 49th Streets (between Tenth and Eleventh avenues). Nestled within the two sections of 540West, developed by Fortis Property Group and Wonder Works Construction Corp. and designed by Meshberg Group, lies an open space for residents, one that will be used?surprise, surprise?for outdoor movie screenings and the like. According to the marketing babble, which also locates it in the vowel-less "HLSKTCHN," the glass-and-steel facade on 49th allegedly "reflects brownstones" across the street, and "the [apartment] layout[s] allows an abundance of light, privacy and common areas not available in single-building sites." The renderings also reveal loft-like and multi-level residences with a vaguely industrial aesthetic, some of which come with outdoor space. There's also a sweet-looking roof deck, and DOB permits reveal a gym and a spinning room. Pricing and floorplans for the "studio through penthouse" units remain a mystery, though with occupancy expected for the fall of 2014, that info has got to be coming down the pipe soon.

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