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Neighbors Oppose John St. Probation Office; New Sandy Mural

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FIDI?Tribeca residents and business owners were already not thrilled about the city's plan to move the criminal summons court to 40 Worth Street, which would mean several hundred folks who have committed minor violations would pass through the area daily in order to be arraigned or to pay their fines. Now another city agency relocation?this one of the Criminal Court's Department of Probation to 66 John Street?has FiDi residents so worried they've started an online petition against the plan. "According to NYC Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway, this facility is 'where people with actual criminal records go every day,'" the petition's introduction reads. Wrote the tipster who passed it along: "This is proposal is causing great concern. FiDi is full of families - John Street is 'stroller alley' and a main thoroughfare to the World Financial Center and the Seaport." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

SOHO?A new mural at the corner of Houston and Bowery?commemorating the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the city, painted by 35 teens from low-income, Sandy-affected communities?will be formally unveiled on Tuesday, October 29, which is the anniversary of the storm. Organized by Groundswell and street artist Swoon, it is actually the capstone project of four previous Sandy-related murals (like this one) put up this summer. The meaning behind the imagery? Officially, "it is a testament to both resilience and vulnerability, and by engaging the public in its design, it serves to highlight the importance of continued relief efforts by and for Sandy's victims." [CurbedWire Inbox; official]