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This Red Hook Toilet Sink Is The Saddest Space-Saver Ever

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Welcome to New York City, where tiny apartments can range from the savvy and stunning to the surprisingly hospitable and downright miserable. But here we've reached a new level of depressing, one that is perhaps so low it might be confused with cute or quaint. A rental-seeker who was touring a 1.5-bedroom apartment in Red Hook?for $1,950/month?snapped a photo of this toilet-cum-sink in the bathroom to send to Gothamist.

Apparently these toilet sinks are a thing that exist. And don't worry, the water from the sink doesn't come from the latrine tank, but liquid drained from the sink is re-used to fill the john bowl. However... it's still seems a little sketchy. Also, do you just have to bend over very far to wash your face? Anyone with experience in this area, please enlighten us in the comments or via the tipline.
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?Photo via Gothamist