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Once-Controversial, Always-Bonkers Mill Basin Pad Asks $30M

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Some of New York City's quirkiest (to put it mildly) real estate can be found in the far reaches of Brooklyn (see: Gravesend; Brighton Beach), but this new listing at 2458 National Drive in Mill Basin, with a brain-exploding price tag of $30 million, is in entirely its own category. Part Miami, part museum complex, the listing describes the 10-bedroom, 15-bathroom spread as "New York's largest and most prestigious waterfront property." It actually consists of two houses, totaling 23,000 square feet, within a gated compound that also has 257 feet of waterside frontage. The whole thing was designed by Noel Jeffrey. The brokerbabble is an entertaining read in itself; here's just a short list of some of the amenities to be found on the property:

· Four kitchens
· Indoor parking for seven cars
· Docks for "a variety of watercraft" and a three-boat marina
· A 1,000-square-foot pool and spa
· An "outdoor pavilion" that seats 40 people
· 30,000 square feet of outdoor planted walkways and gardens
· A "Lalique fireplace surround"
· A "very special circular meditation room."

Public records list two names in connection with the property: John Rosatti, whose financing documents date to the early 1990s, and Galina Anissimova, who appears to have been the home's subsequent owner. Behind those two names is a wealth of backstory. Let's begin with Rosatti, a multimillionaire and mob figure who was apparently embroiled in litigation with the state over the construction of the property. He began building it in 1989, and inspectors found, according to the lawsuit, that Rosatti had excavated tidal wetlands and then filled them with landfill in order to extend the property. Before the suit was settled, Rosatti sold the property to Anissimova for about $3 million, with an agreement that he would put additional money in escrow for her to cover any legal settlement.

As for Anissimova, she appears to be the same Galina Anissimova whose daughter is the "Russian-American Paris Hilton" Anna Anissimova. Acquaintances of the family described them as "not showy?very low-key, very quiet," despite the loudness of their abode. As for the $30M asking price, it's a bold move that now seems perfectly in-character.
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